Starting a business isn’t cheap. Equipment alone can be prohibitively expensive. Nella, however, through industry-leading leasing options, can help—and has helped. Thousands of restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, and caterers have relied on our assistance, and have subsequently thrived.

Our comprehensive leasing service offers competitive pricing and a multiplicity of leasing options. It makes the process of starting a business a lot simpler—and a lot more financially feasible—than it otherwise would be. And it makes Nella the obvious choice for all of your leasing needs. We work with our clientele to ensure that the best pricing on the best product is achieved and that their business can thereby thrive as best as it possibly can.

Our leasing advisors are second-to-none in the industry. They’ll figure out, after face-to-face consultation, an ideal financing plan, and put fledgeling businesses in the best possible position for success.

Included below is an application form to you to fill out so that we can have you pre-approved by our underwriters. Once you have been pre-approved, we can work out the monthly cost on the lease. You are not agreeing to or committing to anything by filling out this application, just ensuring that we are able to approve you for funding.

Once you have been approved for funding, we can speak about the term that you are most comfortable with. We typically work on 24-60 month terms after which you would own the equipment for $10. In order to set up the lease we would require the following from you before shipping the equipment:

  • A copy of your drivers licence
  • A void cheque

Once you have signed the leasing agreement, your only upfront charges would be as follows:

  • $300 administration fee
  • If there is no deposit required, we would require first and last payments in advance.

This is a simple and cost-efficient way of purchasing/leasing your equipment without putting unnecessary stress on your operating cash flow. If you have any questions about the application process feel free to reach out to Jeremy - leasing@nellacutlery.ca directly. He will handle the leasing side of your project.