Need Servicing? To help serve you better, please have the following information ready:

  • Name & Contact
  • Business Address & Operating Hours
  • Manufacturer of Product along with Model & Serial Number
  • Description of Issue
  • Please note: A Service Call Deposit Payment is Required
  • For Parts: Send Image of Missing or Broken Part & Description of Issue, this helps us determine the best course of action
  • Turnaround times depend on availability, usually within 24-72 hours

We will reply to your request within 24 hours. We will schedule a technician to come to site, please note for hours outside of 8am-5pm, 48 hours notice is required in order to serve you best

 Please contact our Service Department for all inquiries: 

 +1 905-823-1110 Ext 2905 / / use our contact form

We will always ask what the Manufacturer, Model, and SN of the unit and picture of the part, send a picture even if the part is broken or if it's missing, send a pic of where it is missing from the machine. You can find this information on the plate on the side, behind, or inside the unit(fridges)

  1.     Meat Slicers
  2.     Meat Saws (Biro, Hobart, Hollymatic, Butcher Boy, Torrey),
  3.     Deli Slicers or Fresh Meat slicers (OMCAN, OMAS, Berkel, Bizerba, Manconi)
  4.     Meat grinders (OMCAN, Trespade)
  5.     Tomato Squeezers (Reber, Trespade)
  6.     Blenders (Vitamix), Immersion Blenders (Robot Coupe, Dynamic)
  7.     Mixers (OMCAN, Hobart, Globe, we do not fix Kitchen Aid mixers)
  8.     Dough sheeters (OMCAN, Somerset)
  9.     Tilt Skillets (Cleveland)
  10.     Vac Pac Machines (Turbovac, OMCAN, Minipack, Promarksvac, Orved, Sipromac)
  11.     Most countertop commercial equipment including but not limited to toasters, cheese graters, panini press, POTIS shawarma machines
  12.     Gas appliances
  13.     Saeco Espresso Machines only
  14.     Service Radius: GTA (Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Halton) Please call for rates if you are outside

A: Some factors to consider when dropping off equipment are:

  •          What day of the week an item is dropped off (we are open Mon-Fri 8am-5pm)
  •          Peak Seasons are busier
  •          Type of item and if parts required
  •          Meat Slicers & Robot Couple Immersion Blenders, typically 2-10 business days
  •          Vac Pack Machines, typically 5-10 business days
  •          Large Equipment 2-4 business weeks
  •          Saeco Machines, typically 3-4 business weeks
  •          Please know a lot goes into servicing repairs and delays can occur especially given the current climate

A: Yes. We will send you a quote. This can vary depending on the parts required and the size of equipment, anywhere between 1-10 days, depending on if a vendor needs to be contacted.

A: If products are dropped off at our Cucina store, we will transfer the item to our Head office. Add 1-2 days extra processing time.

A: We offer Slicers for loaners, please call for more information

A: No. We are working hard to service equipment and coordinate. We apologize if we miss you. Please follow the steps above to allow us to serve you best. You can also email us at

A: We do not. Please call your sales rep and speak to them about some of our recommended options