Which Commercial Shelving is Right for You?

Epoxy Shelf

Storage is essential in any commercial space, and the utilization of space is necessary to keep items within easy reach and well-organized. Commercial shelving units are made in various materials, and depending on the area you wish to install the shelving, different materials perform better than others.

Keep in mind the type of items you want to store and the weight you need to support when picking out shelving units. You can attach wheels to shelving units for easy cleaning, clearance from the ground and the unit, and moving the unit to suit your requirements. You can also use leveler bolts for areas with uneven ground. Many shelving units also have connectors to attach multiple shelving units, saving space.

You need to keep in mind the requirements you need for the shelving unit, in order to save yourself both time and money down the road.

Here are some things you need to ask yourself:

  1. Where is the shelving going?
  2. Walk-in cooler or Freezer? Storage Room? Main Kitchen? Dish Area?
  3. What is the weight and dimensions of product being put on the shelves?
  1. Does your product size change? Do you need easy adjustability after the initial assembly?
  2. What are the measurements of your space?

There are many choices of shelving types and brands out there so answering the questions above can help you to get started on figuring our what is the right one for you.


Chrome wire shelves are ideal for dry storage rooms, as they rust in areas with high humidity. These shelves allow for good ventilation to keep items dry. Chrome wire shelves are usually cheaper than epoxy shelving units.
Epoxy coated is ideal for warewashing areas, walk-in coolers, or moist storage. The layer of epoxy protects the shelf from rust and makes it easier to clean.
Polypropylene / Polymer shelving units are ideal for all areas. The shelving units are dishwasher safe, making them easy to clean.
Anti-Microbial – anti-microbial shelving units are ideal for all areas. They have a coating to protect against fungus, mildew and bacterial growth. Many of the shelving units from Cambro and Metro shelving have an anti-microbial coating.
Stainless Steel shelving is suitable for all areas

Speak with any of your Nella Sales Associates and they will be happy to walk you through your decision making, answer any questions you might have regarding the different types and brands available to you and how to make the best use of your space.


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